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The Hammer Cartoon
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ELECTION 2004: Let the Bloodbath Begin

ELECTION 2004: Let the Bloodbath Begin Liberals Step Up Attack Ads Against Harper

Conservatives Pledge to Ban Nickelback

Bloc Quebecois Decides to Run Candidates in All 308 Ridings

Layton Issues Controversial Tweed Ban to All NDP Candidates For Duration of Campaign

Read the Full StoryRead the Full Story's PULSE OF THE NATION, ELECTION 2004's PULSE OF THE NATION, ELECTION 2004 If there's one thing Canadians need this election campaign, it's more polls. Goddamnit, but we have to slake your nearly unslakeable thirst for polls. guarantees you new polls every 34 seconds. The veracity of said polls, well, that's for the Supreme Court to decide.
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Belinda "Totally Getting Bummed Out With Politics"

Newmarket-Aurora Conservative candidate and former party leadership contender Belinda Stronach is "like, totally getting tired of politics." In an interview with CPAC while campaigning in her suburban riding north of Toronto, Stronach expressed exasperation with "all of the work she is having to totally do" such as knocking on doors and calling people to get out the vote. "I have to do all of this walking around everywhere and like, talk to people about why I should be in Ottawa. They ask me such hard questions," complained Stronach. "I thought there'd be other people to do this stuff for me." Despite the grind, she said she's learning from the experience. "Politics is like way harder than I thought it would be. I better be Prime Minister if I win."

Canadian Troops to get Pants

Canadian Troops to get Pants A $23 million announcement by Defence Minister David "What a" Pratt yesterday will see for the allocation of pants to Canadian troops working to rebuild Afghanistan and on other missions overseas.
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High Gas Prices: Man Drives Eleven Hours to Save Four Dollars on Tank of Gas

High Gas Prices: Man Drives Eleven Hours to Save Four Dollars on Tank of Gas Over the weekend, the 34-year-old father of two embarked on an 11-hour round trip journey from his home to a gas station in the East End of Montreal to fill up his 2004 Cadillac Escalade sport utility vehicle.
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Harper Promises Thousands of New Shit Shoveling Jobs in Maritimes

While campaigning in New Brunswick today, Stephen Harper pledged the creation of several government shit-shoveling centres throughout Atlantic Canada should the Conservative Party form the next government. "Canada's shit needs to be shoveled somewhere," said Harper. "Why not Atlantic Canada? Canada's maritime provinces can become world leaders in shit-shoveling. Plus, it will create thousands of jobs for you layabouts." A spokesperson for the Conservative campaign said Harper's promise should win party support in the East. "This should put to rest any perceptions that Mr. Harper has something against the people of the Maritimes."

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