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Dude Confident that Weekly Late Night Radio Show on Campus Station will lead to Big Things

Dude Confident that Weekly Late Night Radio Show on Campus Station will lead to Big Things
Hamilton's newest radio personality Troy Donnatello at a recent CFMU orientation session

24 year old unemployed Hamilton resident Troy Donnatello is confident that his landing of the high profile 2 to 4 AM Tuesday morning shift on MacMaster University campus radio station CFMU is a stepping stone to "some serious fucking shit, man."

Donnatello, a music enthusiast whose tastes run the gamut, "from Lee Aaron to Whitesnake," is elated that he has finally received such a prominent vehicle to share his passion with the people of Hamilton.

The show, scheduled to begin next week, will focus primarily on 1980's era heavy metal, with a touch of early 90's, "when it used to be about the music," in Donnatello's words.

"I'm gonna be able to make demo tapes! I am gonna send them to every single radio station out there," said the aspiring young disc jockey, his level of excitement palpable.

"And you can be motherfucking sure that I'll be playing plenty of my band, the Darkness of the Eclipse's 4 song CD of early era Guns and Roses covers, Taxi me to the liquor store."

Donnatello also indicated that a three-show tribute to seminal Canadian rockers Helix is planned.

"Aooooooooooooo!" he added, pausing for a swig of beer on his front porch.

With Fame Comes a Price:
"The only catch is I gotta come in and empty the garbage cans and add toner to the photocopier once a week, but I can handle that."

"It's the price you gotta pay," said a philosophical Donnatello,

"The next thing I gotta come up with is a title for the show. I think I have it narrowed down to Some Good Fucking Shit or just The Shit. Either way, it's gonna rock! I'm gonna be a star!"

Donnatello celebrates his life's greatest achievement with friends

The elated young man, who was recently let go from his counter job at a local Tim Horton's outlet, also pointed out that his mother will be happy because it will get him out of the house for a couple of hours.

CFMU program director Karen Vivienne attempted to explain the station's decision to bestow Donnatello with his own show:

"We just gave him the time slot basically so he'd leave us alone. This guy is in the station, literally, every single day, pestering us with his ideas for his show and sexually harassing the female staff."

Therefore, Vivienne rationalized that to get him off their back, both literally and figuratively, the station decided to give him a spot when "absolutely no one will be listening."

"2 to 4 on a Tuesday morning on a campus radio station in a blue collar town? I could literally count the listeners on one hand. I could fit them in my apartment."

"Although our station's mandate is to give a voice to the voiceless, this isn't exactly what I had in mind," sighed Vivienne.

The program director indicated that the station's expectations for Donnatello's show are exceedingly low.

"As long as he fulfills Can Con requirements, doesn't steal anything, and his reprobate friends that he brings into the studio don't leave any roach burns in the furniture, we don't care what he does."

That being said, Vivienne surmised that the tendency for university-aged students to see irony in a campus radio station playing the music that Donnatello plans on playing could work to his advantage. In other words, perhaps the urbane, hipster audience that makes up the majority of the station's listenership will appreciate the music played on his show for its kitsch value.

"The really sad thing is, like, Troy actually likes this stuff."

Posted on June 29th, 2001



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