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Signing this Internet Petition on Gas Prices Will Really Make a Difference

Signing this Internet Petition on Gas Prices Will Really Make a Difference

It's easy to say that one person can't change the world. But sometimes in this life, you have to take a stand. You have to put your ass on the line for something you believe in. Like Gandhi. Or Mulroney. Or that...guy, you know, from the old U2 song...something to do with love, I think.

So it's another typical Monday afternoon, I was sitting at my desk, cruising the waiver wire for pick-ups for my fantasy football team, when Bob came by my cubicle. I thought he wanted to ask me about the Humphrey file, which I'm really behind on, so I panicked a bit, but it turns out he wasn't there for that. He was there for something far different. He was asking me to sign an online petition asking the government to "do something" about gas prices.

He wanted me to sign this petition. Me. He wanted me to associate my given name with this cause.

Now, I was faced with a difficult decision here. Normally, I stay clear of political stuff, like government crap, and...gas prices. I just can't be bothered. Don't wanna get involved. Signing this petition could have serious implications. What if it came back to haunt me? What if I was denied a job in the future because of my political activism? I was wary.

Bob could appreciate my leeriness. He said he'd let me think about it for a little while. It gave me time to...think. I know it takes a lot of work to get it from Iraq to the gas station, but you know, gas is really expensive. And it's only getting worse, they say. Why is that? I mean, it's not fair!

As the petition states, the government is collecting all of the profits from gas, and using it to, like pay for all of its jets for big shots to fly around in and stuff. Is that right? No! No it's not!

Is this what I pay taxes for?

I mean, it cost me over one hundred bucks to fill up my Ford Expedition yesterday!

And if there's anybody out there suggesting that I drive something smaller, that's not going to happen, OK? I can't fit my hockey bag into some little Toyota. I play goalie, all right? No sir. Plus, I have a dog. He doesn't want to be shuttled around town in some little Hyundai. Come on. He's a big dog! And could you imagine taking someone out on a date in a Ford Focus? Ha!

What it comes right down to is this-gas is expensive. Too expensive. And like that guy on the AM radio station says, we shouldn't have to change our lifestyles-that would mean the terrorists have won! Consequences be damned, I don't care. I'm standing up to you, government...guys, to let you know, that you can't push me around anymore. I'm signing my John Henry. You need to do something about gas prices.

Right then and there, I went to that petition web site, and I signed my name-my real name. I took a stand, and I felt good about it. Hopefully, gas prices will be down forever by the weekend, thanks to my participation in direct democracy.

Hell, I might even vote next election. If I can remember.

Posted on October 25th, 2005

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