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The Angry Albertan

The Angry Albertan

Well, Stephen, it didn't take long for you to forget the grass roots, did it? You weren't even sworn in before you sold out the people who brought you to the office of Primer Minister, in the first place.

I thought we were going to witness the dawn of a new balance of power in Canada; a beautiful day, where the time of the West being dominated by the Bay Street Bullies and the separatists were over. The West wanted in, Stephen and you were supposed to be our man.

Yet, what does your first Cabinet reveal? Nine Ministers from Ontario and five Ministers from Quebec! Let me get this straight, Steven, Alberta delivers you all 28 seats and you see fit to reward her with three three Cabinet Ministers, besides yourself? BC Delivers you 17 seats, yet you only see fit to reward her with 4 Cabinet posts?

By comparison, you have ten MPs elected from Quebec and you reward four of them with a Cabinet position and you hand Public Works and Government Services - the department responsible for handling contracts - to Michael Fortier, a gorf from Montreal who wasn't even elected? How does THAT fit in with a triple-E Senate, Mr. Prime Minister? Oh wait; he was a critical part of your campaign so that kind of blatant patronage is ok, right? I'm Sure Michael Fortier will be as committed to the conservative movement and the West as Lucien Bouchard was.

Yes, indeed, lets compare the 14 Cabinet Ministers representing Central Canada with the staggering eight, EIGHT Cabinet Ministers from Alberta and BC. Bearing in mind, of course, that one of those Cabinet Ministers is yourself and another is David Emerson - a man who was a member of the corrupt Liberal Cabinet you swore to chase off, like scalded dogs. Are we supposed to be happy that this Martinite prostitute took the 30 silver coins you offered him? Less than two weeks ago, David Emerson, after the election, told the cameras and anyone who would listen that he would be your worst nightmare. How prothetic those words may become. You cried the loudest when Belinda broke poor Peter's heart. Now you pull the same stunt before the moving can even has a chance to pull up to 24 Sussex Drive?

Maybe I'm not being clear enough about my disgust here, Steven. So, let me make my point of view clear: David Fucking Emerson?!?! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out which asses you're attaching your lips to, in a bid to try and win the next election.

Leader of the Government in the House? Nichlson, Ontario.

Leader of the Government in the Senate? LeBreton, Ontario

Labour? Blackburn, Quebec.

Finance? Flahery, Ontario.

Defense? O'Connor, Ontario.

Treasury Board? Baird, Ontario.

Public Works? Fortier, Quebec.

Industry? Bernier, Quebec.

President of the Privy Council, Intergovernmental Affairs and Sport? Chong, Ontario.

Human Resources and Social Development? Finley, Ontario.

Transport, Infrastructure and Communities? Cannon, Ontario.

Is it me or are all of those high profile departments that directly to relate to almost all 5 of the major areas of legistlation you said you wanted to deal with in this term, Stephen? This puts the West in how, exactly?

What glamourous postings did you bequeath upon your loyal, Albertan and BC Foot Soldiers?

Natural Resources - Lunn, BC

Environment - Ambrose, Alberta

Public Safety - Day, BC

Agriculture and Minister for the Wheat Board - Stahl, BC

Citizenship and Immigration - Solberg, Alberta

Poor Chuck, not only can you not let the poor bastard die in peace, you give him the wheat board? Hey, Stephen, Chilliwack is NOT on the prairie.

The only good news in all of this is the possibility that Monte Solberg can actually do something positive with Citizenship and Immigration. Personally, I'm hoping he can find a way to get Banff back from the Japanese.

What a clusterfuck. Thanks for nothing, Stephen. Myron Thompson can't revive the Reform party soon enough for me.

Posted on February 9th, 2006

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