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PAID ADVERTISEMENT welcomes its newest sponsor, Dave Little Orgy Consultants

The Personal Touch: Dave Little, President and Founder of Dave Little Orgy Consultants: "I can meet all of your orgy needs."

Orgies have changed a lot since their initial heyday in the 1970's. There's a lot more to consider than just getting a loose circle of friends and acquaintances together for group sex like in the old days, according to Dave Little, President and CEO of Dave Little Orgy Consultants, headquarted in Ottawa.

"Many of my clients have come to me because of unforeseen problems that they've encountered in their orgies," said Little, a licensed and registered orgy coordinator with the Group Sex Planning Association of Canada (GSPAC). "They think it's as simple as it used to be back in their 20's, until boom-someone breaks their hip. Then what do you do?

"My special routines and stretching exercises allow for the mature resident to pull off their orgy pain and injury-free, even if it's their first one since the Trudeau era."

The group sex consultant says that as our population ages, people are looking for more gentle, laid back affairs. "These people just don't have the same drive and energy as they did during their cocaine-addled youth," said Little from his offices in Ottawa's fashionable Byward Market. "In the old days, they might have been go, go go, but the ravages of time and gravity have now taken hold."

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While they specialize in clients who are 50 plus, Dave Little Orgy Consultants can design orgies tailor-made to the needs of any group of consenting adults, regardless of age. Said Little: "Our clients range in age from 25 to 93."

Little, whose prior job history includes a stint as an investment banker in Toronto and an accordian tuner with the Kitchener Symphony Orchestra, got into the orgy planning business when he was looking for a career change. "I wanted to come back to my hometown of Ottawa and give something back to the community," waxed a nostalgic Little. It was upon his return to the nation's capital in 1988 that he noticed a serious lack of qualified orgy planners, so he decided to throw caution to the wind and take the GSPAC exam. "I aced it, but I crammed like crazy," laughed the successful entrepeneur.

The rest, as they say, is history. The company has built itself into the largest orgy planning organization in all of Canada, with offices in every major Canadian city, except for Smiths Falls, where local laws prohibit it. "It's amazing what we've been able to accomplish in such a reatively short amount of time," gushed Little. "Sometimes I have to stop and pinch myself."

Little says that people expect more today when they go to an orgy, and that's why his business is there to help. "Just throwing your car keys in a jar and whipping your clothes off doesn't cut it anymore." People expect some planning, like music to set the mood or capture the vibe, (no Iron Maiden, folks) differing themes, such as Caligula night or "City Council" night, where participants begin the evening pretending they're at a city council meeting ("that one's really big among people in Ottawa," said Little) and appropriate partnering.

Just because it's an orgy, there's an assumption that anyone will go with anyone, but some people are just not compatible. Explained Little: "There is often an awkwardness among orgyites with regards to pairing up with partners. You want to make sure that nobody feels left out, which isn't always easy without professional help."

Little and his team are also there to help with participants who become withdrawn and/or nervous when the big event takes place. "In the industry, we call it 'orgy chill.' Myself and my associates are here to comfort all orgy participants, and work them through their anxiety, so that they may fully enjoy their orgy."

You might pay a little more to get a Dave Little orgy, but he says it's worth it. "In this business, you get what you pay for-I invite people to shop around with other orgy consultants, then try us. When you compare the value you get for the money you pay to other, more run-of-the-mill outfits, you'll realize that our services are worth every penny," boasted Little.

The company's founder pointed out that all of his consultants are selected with great care and are all Dave Little-approved and sanctioned by GSPAC. "I don't just hire anybody off the street. My consultants are representing the Dave Little brand, which symbolizes orgy excellence in Canada. They are carefully screened and must undergo rigourous examinations before they can join the Dave Little team."

Little says that his company does such a good job, he sometimes gets invited to join in by clients. "As tempting as it may seem, that wouldn't be right. My team and I are consummate professionals," claimed Little.

"Now, in my leisure time away from work, then it's a different story."